About Us

Genius Systems delivers intelligent business solutions required to give your enterprise the competitive edge.


Who we Are?

GSYS is a bespoke independent solutions company which provides unique and intelligent business solutions to give your business a competitive edge in this global network of businesses. We know how to mould technology and make it work for your business. We stitch together leading technologies and the latest software to create customized and tailor-made solutions for your business.

Our Mission

GSYS helps your business attain its true potential by leveraging the latest technology and using it efficiently and effectively to ensure maximum results. We are a service oriented independent solutions company that believes in complete transparency and total accountability to create long term working relationships with our clients. No matter what your business needs, GSYS has the capacity and the capability to deliver the perfect solution.
Our Expertise
  • IT Consulting

    We use the expertise and the technical backgrounds of our global team to create comprehensive and unique intelligent solutions to ensure that your business stays up to date with the ever-evolving technology. We can help your business move towards automation, create digital strategies, optimise your software and stitch together the latest technologies to create unique solutions just for your business.

  • IT Outsourcing & Staffing

    We work with our customers to understand their business aspirations along with their internal challenges. After a full study of the business and the trends in the industry, we fulfil the outsourcing requirements by taking over the IT functions either partially, completely or just remotely. From onsite to offsite, our global network of experts allows us to work seamlessly and tirelessly to serve various time zones across the globe.

  • IT Services

    We provide the latest security systems as per the industry standard to protect and optimize your business data. We also provide cloud IT solutions to ensure that your business data is always safe and accessible from anywhere in the world. Our industry experts ensure that our intelligent and unique solutions for your business are industry specific to allow your business to reach its maximum efficiency and potential.

Our Work Ethics

    There is no compromise when it comes to being completely honest with our clients and potential customers.
    We recognise that we are accountable to our clients – first and foremost – and to ourselves in every project that we undertake.
    We are committed to providing fast, timely responses and prompt support where it is warranted, and we aim to keep our clients satisfied at every milestone of the project.
    Every employee has their own strengths and weaknesses, but together as a team, we amplify our strengths and create a harmonious environment for everyone to work and thrive in.
    We strive to be humble in our expertise, to continue to develop and update our competitive advantage to offer you the best that the industry has to offer, in line with being a dynamic and adaptable business.
    We strive to deliver more than just a satisfying experience to our clients. We let our values shine through everything we do.

Our Journey

Most business owners understand the need for technology


SEKOPEKO Established SEKOPEKO was founded by Serkan Pektas with the vision to help its clients achieve a competitive advantage through their people.


Journey as Web Agency SEKOPEKO completed a year long journey as web agency firm.


Establish as IT Consulting SEKOPEKO started to work as individual consulting firm.


Automotive Industry SEKOPEKO started working on research & development in automotive industry with DealerStore.


Established Product R&D Center in India and Turkey In year 2015, SEKOPEKO established a product research and development firm in India and Turkey.


Started Working on Constant Agent SEKOPEKO come up with an idea to cater Education Consultants to focus on actions that streamline the Enrollment process and increase the productivity of great education counselor teams.


Started Offshore & Onshore Developments Genius System setup an environment to provide its client with feasibility and flexibility with its Onshore, Offshore and Nearshore Business Models.

February – 2018

Product Launch We proudly launch Constant Agent in Dubai, Korea and Japan at the education agent trade shows.

April – 2018

AMS Platform is born SEKOPEKO started its dream project “AMS” to create a platform to build custom platform independent applications with easy of use and flexibility as IaaS platform.

October – 2018

SEKOPEKO Becomes Genius Systems To further enhance its infrastructure & to invest more in R&D. SEKOPEKO become Genius Systems. (GSYS) and Serkan Pektas still remains the 100% owner of the company.

Our Values

To partner with you in your success. To leverage technology to drive sustainable, profitable, and rapid business solutions. To deliver world-class business innovation that establishes you as a leading force in your industry.

    Leadership and Innovation
    Knowledge-Driven Company
    Client-Centric Strategies
    Dedication to Work
    Integrity, Reliability and Transparency
    Pursuit of Excellence
    Quality Deliverable
    Cultural Collaboration
    On-Time Delivery

Meet the staff

Our team of IT experts find innovative solutions that make work more effective and efficient. We are the link that gets you from where you are now, to where you want to be and beyond.