A new Verge: SEKOPEKO
becomes Genius Systems

Genius Systems News By Serkan Pektas , Founder & CEO
Oct. 01, 2018

When I started SEKOPEKO in 2012, I have been thinking a lot about branding lately is something of litotes. The idea of changing SEKOPEKO name has been the subject of much deliberation and discussions. After all, changing the name of a well-known service use by many people is not something to take lightly.

We embarked on a mission to provide a quality web development services, and over the next several years we heavily invested in building a name that would redefine how Web development systems work. On this mission, we introduced many innovations to the market that are now a standard Web Development, including Product Development, IT Consulting and in Business Process Management Services. We are committed to make sure to deliver quality services which people would actually enjoy using.

Through all of this innovation, one question remained: How can we accelerate the distribution of SEKOPEKO Services, so more clients worldwide can enjoy it?
Could there be a strategic alliance that would allow for that? After a short romance, we found the answer.

We’re happy to announce that SEKOPEKO LLC has renowned as Genius Systems LLC.

Like SEKOPEKO, Genius Systems products are designed to facilitate communication, reduce friction, and improve the relationship between companies and their customers.

As Genius Systems, we will accelerate our product growth and create a bond between our Customers , Business Partners that has never been seen before.

Ultimately, a grate brand is never the result of a name or logo, which are more like a promise that must kept by the product or services the brand represents. The Genius Systems services that will start to roll out in the coming days and weeks lives up to that brand promise. It includes a complete refresh platform. This new experience reflects our commitment to always improve and innovate our products to solve the need of our end-users and enterprise customers.

We’ll continue to offer a modern, easy-to-use solution for our customers. This branding will allow us to develop our product faster and give us the resources to offer you the best experience in relationship management. We’ll have more to share on this soon.

Thank you, Serkan Pektas